ADVLM creates solutions that transform organizations. We work closely with clients to understand their business challenges, we design solutions in software and hardware, and we migrate their operations to our extensible platform. Please contact us for a free consultation to discuss how we can take your operations to the next level.


ADVLM is dedicated to providing high quality solutions to enterprise commercial and government agencies. Our team of experienced software designers and implementers will ensure our solution not only addresses your needs, but is tailored to your workflow requirements.

  • Inventory Management

    Manual record keeping is time consuming and labor intensive, especially when managing a large number of items across multiple locations. Our double-entry inventory system is a smart and efficient stocking method which supports receiving, transferring, and issuing stock both externally and within your organization.

  • Fleet Management

    Maintaining equipment is essential for personal safety and operational efficiency. Our fleet maintenance module tracks the usage and repair of all your vehicles and equipment, including routine and unscheduled downtime. Get a real-time view into the current state of your rolling assets.

  • Personnel Management

    Your people are your organization. Putting the information they need -- and only the information they need -- at their fingertips is the best way to improve productivity. Track individual performance and certifications as well as configure access to information based on their role in your organization.

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"There are always going to be people who are experts in security or end-user devices or collaboration or databases. That's not going to go away. But what's the reason all of these professions come together? To help the organization transform itself."


- Satya Nadella

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