ADVLM Solutions

ADVLM provides an extensible software platform to support all functions of your organization. While our pre-made modules can be customized to fit your needs, we can also design and implement entirely new software components to fit your exact requirements. We expect to work closely with our clients, providing software development, application hosting, data migration, and user training. With ADVLM as your technology partner, you are empowered to focus on your core mission.


Organize your warehouses with our modern inventory-management software. Our double-entry inventory system is a smart and efficient stocking method which supports all your internal operations. There are no complicated stock input, output or transformation steps. Instead, all operations are simply stock moves between locations.

  • Trace every stock move with a double-entry ledger

  • Integrate with suppliers and shippers

  • Set automatic alert and reorder levels

  • Support any number of warehouses and locations

  • Ship products and track delivery to customers

  • Temporarily issue tools and materials to internal teams

  • Invoice external customers or internal departments

  • Stay informed with real-time reports

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Fleet and Equipment

Manage and maintain your organization's vehicles from a single screen. Sort by vehicle type, location, maintenance team, and state of readiness. Track miles driven, hours of operation, and MTBF. Real-time reports provide an accurate view of all organizational assets.


  • Track all maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MR&O) operations

  • See complete service histories of vehicles and equipment

  • Anticipate next maintenance and inspection actions

  • Consume stock from inventory to maintenance tickets

  • Store manuals and documentation related to maintenance

  • Integrate with accounting to bill internally or to contractors


Manage system access and personnel records for employees and contractors. Restrict visibility of sensitive information to just managers, or make information available for all employees to see. Receive alerts for requests to access unauthorized records.


  • Centralize human resources management

  • Track attendance, leave, appraisals, and certifications

  • Set goals and challenges based on key metrics

  • Offer rewards and incentives for meeting goals

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Invoicing & Accounting

Automatically create all the behind-the-scenes journal entries for each of your accounting transactions -- customer invoices, expenses, inventory moves, etc -- using the rules of double-entry bookkeeping. All journal entries are automatically balanced (sum of debits = sum of credits).

  • Full SMB accounting functions

  • Reconcile from banks statements

  • Interface with payroll processors

  • Integrated with Quotes, Maintenance and Project modules


Exchange information between system users and with customers. Track conversations over a variety of channels. Follow specific records to receive alerts any updates.

  • Live user chat

  • System messaging and alerts

  • SMS text

  • Customer portal

  • Email notifications

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System Integrations

ADVLM connects with other must-have systems you rely on. System integration reduces rekey errors and speeds operations, effectively reducing friction of operations.

  • Connect to vendors for RFQ's and procurement

  • Other internal systems for accounting or reporting

  • Shippers for freight and package pickup, tracking and delivery

  • Online payment

  • Voice Communications (VOIP and physical PBX)


Security is essential. ADLVM will secure your data with a comprehensive, multi-layered strategy that includes hardware, software, network, and user components. Our security professionals will work with your IT staff to achieve optimal security within your budget.


  • Restrict user access to records based on job function

  • Encrypted user passwords

  • Restrict connections by IP address, MAC address

  • End to end encryption for all https traffic

  • Government level encryption available from AWS GovCloud

  • SHA-256 and AES-256 encryption

  • Hardened network devices for on-site hosting

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